Zostaliśmy zaproszeni na ECOWEEK POLSKA – konferencję i warsztaty, które odbędą się w Krakowie w dniach 21-27 października 2013 r. Nasza grupa warsztatowa będzie pracować nad tematem „Generating a Visual Amenity along the Riverside”.

BudCud joined ECOWEEK POLSKA, that will take place in Cracov from 21 till 27 October 2013. We will be workshop leaders of the topic titled „Generating a Visual Amenity along the Riverside”. ECOWEEK POLSKA is a part of international event ECOWEEK that take place in many countries in Europe and in the Middle East. The event engages an ample of experts as well as the rest of participants. The aim of this project is to promote pro-eco solutions within the field of architecture, urbanism, and environmental engineering.The mission of ECOWEEK is to raise awareness, inform and guide people in making choices that are more friendly to the environment, conserve energy and natural resources, thus not contributing to the augmenting problem of global warming. We believe that by changing habits we can change the climate. You can register here